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I Get By With Help From Friends


It takes some help to get rid of years of stress lines. Now in my 40s, I have the wisdom to know I must ask for help when I come up against something I can’t DIY. No matter what fabulous skin care I used the deep forehead lines and the lines between eyebrows just got deeper. When I applied makeup the foundation would settle in the lines making them more evident.

I take so many pictures for work and I found myself focusing on the deep lines in every photo. I used extreme filters on the photos to blot them out. I grew bangs to cover them up. Once the lines grew so deep between my eyes I could no longer mask them with bangs. 

I derma rolled, exfoliated, tried to hydrate them, all to no avail. After a friend suggested a trip to her favorite med spa, I started to look at real results of women on social media posts. Some of them looked as if the wrinkles and lines were literally erased.

I was shocked that injections could actually work that well. 

I proceeded to ask trusted friends and customers about injections. Their feedback was always positive! Their beautiful relaxed faces showed me that it could really make a difference in my over all appearance. I started to believe that there might be something to this idea of softening lines to achieve a more rested fresh look.

I took the plunge with aesthet.icare medspa https://greatskinkc.com/, and the photos speak for themselves:

Forehead lines before and after

Lines between brows

This photo was taken in my car right after I left my last filler appointment. Tiny marks on my head from Botox, and redness from filler injections are covered by makeup. I can’t believe how fast fillers work. You literally walk out looking like you took years off your face. 

I went through my iPad and ran across this old photo that I swore I would never post. I look worn out. Even with a ton of makeup on, I look tired. Stressed.

I mean WOW! Look at the difference now:

No filter needed now folks:

Even with very minimal makeup on, I look much more rested. 

I would recommend this process to anyone looking for a face pick me up. I have been feeling more free and confident since the treatment. I will be maintaining the Botox when needed for sure. I can wear my hair pulled back with the focus on my overall face not my lines.

The treatments are done in easy practically pain free appointments. Many can be done in one visit. Professionals like Ardeth (my fabulous injector) at aestheti.care medspa https://greatskinkc.com/ know how much, and how frequently to maintain treatments to gain desired results. She was gentle and patient with me. I am grateful for help from professionals that give me much needed support. I actually felt loved after I left. Doing something that gives me confidence left me feeling a new pep in my step.

Please feel free to message me with questions. 

If you desire to learn more about Botox/Dysport and learn more about dermal fillers you can visit :  aestheti.care medspa page: 

Botox and Dysport

Dermal Fillers



Spring Colorful Style

Spring style can be the most fashionable of the year. No need to fear color. This is the time to grab a bit or a whole bunch of color, and burst in to full bloom.

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Max out that Kimono Maxi Kimono Style

It is Kimono season again! In 2018 the newest style is a duster length Kimono. The stylists are calling it the Maxi Kimono. The long length adds more drama to the piece. The look pairs well with shorts, over a graphic tee, and dresses. For being a statement piece, I actually find it very versatile. 




I often hear that the length makes petit people feel like they are too short. In that case, don't do full maxi length, shoot for a semi-maxi kimono that hits at the calf. You will still be able to obtain a striking look, without feeling like you are swimming in fabric.  

This is my go to style all summer. I take a graphic tank, and dress it up with a kimono. Now the longer style will appear even more dramatic. Something about layering a fancier piece over a simpler piece makes for casual elegance that looks wonderful on many body types. 

Ournewest one is in this years color of the season: Mauve. I dig how they added the embroidery in the pale pink and almost peachy colors. The leaves have the darker green and sage embroidery colors, bringing in richness to the palette. 


I really enjoyed styling it with the mint and blush pick colored Sutton Anne Dress. Adding a piece of our tassel jewelry gave it such a boho chic vibe that is very wearable. Spring colors are blooming at Nuance Style House! 
Another very popular longer kimono has been the lace style. It can be worn easily over dresses  and tops as well. Here I chose our Walk in the Garden Dress, and layered over the black. 
When shopping for a new style, remember that on the hanger, and on a body can look completely different. Try on several styles, and sizes before ruling out a new trend. You will be surprised on what looks really so fit you. Styling clothing should be fun, not stressful. Take a few risks, that are in budget, and watch your style confidence grow like spring flowers! 
Wear it with some depressed denim and the simple tank you already have in your closet. It adds the trendy style you crave, while not adding a high cost or too much warmth. 
How ever you choose to Kimono, throwing one of these beauties on, will be a stylish way to Spring and Summer.
 Happy Spring Lovelies!
 -Rachel Pheffer









It is a Velvet Winter

Anthropologie Velvet Pillows

Velvet Pillows with fabulously placed tassels from Anthropolgie


It will be a velvet Fall and Winter for all the fashionable gals out there. Many items will be readily available in fall colors like Burgundy and Black. Champagne is also a popular color in crushed velvet. 

Paired with the popular criss cross front detail, this dress will keep you right on trend for your Holiday Parties. Velvet has such an easy comfy texture. You will feel beautiful and at ease in this style. Pair with black tights and boots and a moto jacket to change it up for date night. 

Pairing the trends of off the shoulder and velvet will surely set you apart as a stylish gal. The champagne color makes this a wonderful piece to pair with colorful pants, or a pencil skirt. 

Shoes are showing up in velvet everywhere. I fell for these velvet beauties at Nordstrom Rack



The chunky heel also is on point for the fall fashion trends.

A bit more daring is the over the knee boot in a fun fall color. I chose the wine burgundy, but Nordstrom Rack online also has plum, and black. 

I hope these finds have inspired you to give some velvet a try this season. Taking in to account, cut and color, there should be a style to fit every body, and every budget. 

More Style for Your Money

Being on a budget, doesn't have to mean wearing the same old same old outfit again and again. Simple additions of more unique pieces, can make a style statement.

One of my best frugal style tricks is to wear a piece many different ways. You may think you bought a  top for one occasion, but reinvent it by pairing it with new items that you already have. 

This criss cross shoulder top is a prime example of how I style one piece differently.

Available in both burgundy and black, you may need to try a new color to jazz up an all black wardrobe. Burgundy is a safe color to add to your current closet, being that it goes with both black and navy.



 If venturing out to color in your top seems too risky, try adding a scarf to add style. 

Once you get past the specific way the model wore the piece, and start looking at the possibilities of how you could wear a piece, you will find an excitement for fashion styling. This Buffalo Check patterned scarf is a welcome, warm, on trend style for fall and winter. Use it to dress up our plain tops, or wrap it around your shoulder as a wrap. The style options with a black and white accessory are endless. 


Another stylish way to wear this top, is with a vest layered over. Show of the criss cross shoulders and add warmth with a colored vest such as this one.


Once I styled it Athleisure Style. Gym to Street Style is one of my favorite ways to dress. Throw the criss cross sleeve top with your yoga pants and tennis shoes, and hit the gym.Here I also added a utility vest. This time I tied a little hair tie around the left corner of the the hem, to bring it in a bit. Throwing on a hat, I was able to have messy gym hair, and style at the same time. Money and time saved using a top that I already wear when dressed up.

Our goal is to inspire you to up your style game, at a price that you can afford! Happy styling. Please let us know how you styled simliar pieces. We love how you guys wear our clothes in real life! -Rachel Pheffer

















Teacher Appreciation Week Decor "Our Teachers are a Class Act"

Top hats and bow ties. Boas and jewels. It is time to deck the halls of the school for teacher appreciation week. This year I found a Melissa and Doug child's photo frame sketch pad that prompted the theme. The pad was only $4.99 at Ross. 

Thanks to Kinkos Fed Ex I was able to print the headshots from the school photos for only around $4.00. I requested 8X10 to make them all a standard size. I then had to trim some of them to fit in the Melissa and Doug paper frame opening. I just used a glue stick to glue the picture down. 

The jewelry that adorned the photos is made out of old broken or out of style jewelry that I had kept for a project such as this.  I got a mixed bag of feathers from Hobby Lobby. The adornments were all hot glued on. And out of 25 photos, I only had to hot glue 1 earring on that fell off when we were hanging the photos. They are fairly light weight, so I just used duct tape to stick them to the wall. 

The men received top hats and bow ties. I used black paper, drew a top hat, and cut it out by hand. The bow ties were bows from the scrapbooking section at Hobby Lobby. The fuzzy mustaches were full size ones that come in a pack from Dollar Tree. I cut them down with scissors to fit the photo face. They came out looking so dapper!! 

The napkins became bowties. I got this clever idea from Pinterest. I adapted it a bit, by adding a fork in the back to make a napkin fork bundle. I fan folded the napkins and binded them up with grosgrain ribbon that I just hot glued together. 


I created a chandelier to "hang" above the table from an outdoor chandelier that was only $17.99 from Ross! I strung crystals taken from my  Christmas ornaments on to it with black wire from Hobby Lobby. The chandelier was hung off of a vintage bird stand arm. If I had not had that, I would have used a plant spike arm set in concrete. It you don't want the trouble of using a real chandelier, Party City had a fun paper one online.

The acrylic plates, vases, and cake stands were made from Dollar Tree plates, wine glasses, and bowls, that I hot glued together. They handled the weight of muffins, snacks, and candy through out the week of meals. The plates, bow tie napkins, and regular napkins were stored in a 3 tier metal basket that I had in the basement. It was already the same black color of the chandelier, so I just added a few ornaments to tie it in together. The faux roses were 3 bunches of roses that I got for 3.40 a bunch on clearance at Hobby Lobby, and stuck in a Dollar Tree acrylic vase. 


 I had the table cloth from my vintage linens collection. The table runner is just an inexpensive damask runner I had from someone's old wedding decor. Sometimes it pays to hoard left over decor in the basement! The silver charger plates were from my old Christmas decor, and I will use them again as chargers. 

The fun paper decor that I hung from the drop ceiling is just a pack of assorted decor from the party section at Hobby Lobby. The top hats are from Party City. I just bought the least expensive ones I could get. 

All together this theme party decor was under $100 total!! 




Make Your Style Seamless

Seamless Fabric is made from a blend of nylon and spandex. It’s stretchy nature makes most garments an easy one size fits piece. The most widely seen and used pieces of seamless are the bandeau, and the camisole.

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Make Mine Tunic Length

Every season is a great season to layer! Our personal and customer favorite is the cami slip!

It comes is a bunch of colors. For $12.00 you can add, length, coverage of bustline, color, and sheer top coverage. It turns a top into a tunic top.  

I wear them under everything!! The straps are adjustable. I can make running pants look modest by covering up the silhouette. Leggings are not pants! The crochtel area does not need to ever be exposed in leggings. The cami slip adds that modest coverage! 



Palazzos an easy to wear trend

Palazzo pants are back in full force. These free flowing pants can be a challenge for a more traditional dresser. My advice is: TRY them, you might just like them! They are basically a maxi skirt made into pants! Ours are all a polyester spandex mix that is stretchy and comfortable

Pair them with a simple cami and a jacket. Dress them up with a dressy top. I feel like you can't go wrong wearing pants that feel like yoga pants and look like you are right on trend!


Happy Shopping! Feel free to email me with questions or concerns! Rachel@urbantique.com