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Spring Colorful Style

Spring fashion brings out my most creative side. It is as if the cold of winter takes away my concern for playing it safe and I burst forward in full bloom. The cold tried to knock me in to blah and bland and I emerge desiring life in full color. 

Not every gal is a peacock who craves to be seen in brights. As a buyer, I take that fact in to consideration. Color down right scares some gals. When curating a collection I often choose layering pieces that can go over a simpler piece to give it new life. One of my favs is the kimono. 

As I build a Spring/Summer Collection I take into account the peacocks and the delicate pale flowers of the group. I pick out pieces that pop, and pieces that every bird and flower would easily wear. Hence this blue dress that fits so easily in to one's closet.

Then for my more playful customers, I buy pieces that are on trend. How a piece is styled with other pieces really can take a look from wild to tame. 


This blue dress alone is super simple in cut and color. Add the tropical print and we have pizazz. Notice I kept the accessories simple. No need to go in color with the accessories when we have so much going on with the kimono. 


The cut is also important to me when choosing pieces. I try to incorporate at least one jersey knit piece that flows over most body types. That way we can all get the look with the comfort we desire. 


We all know I love a good kimono. They are the simple way to add that pizazz we pointed out before. Paired with colorful shoes and accessories you have a wilder look. Or keep it simple with all of the other pieces being neutral. 



Whatever you decide about color this spring, please do yourself a favor, and add a bit of color. Just a tad will make all of the difference as you step out in style. 




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