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Make Your Style Seamless

If you want to wear the latest styles and not compete with your bra straps stealing the show, you need to go seamless. Seamless Fabric is made from a blend of nylon and spandex. It’s stretchy nature makes most garments an easy one size fits piece. The most widely seen and used pieces of seamless are the bandeau, and the camisole.

 padded bandeau

When wearing a strappy top or a thin strapped maxi, I always wear a padded bandeau. Padded bras are usually extremely uncomfortable. Bandeaus stay up much better, and do not have the mean underwire. Bandeaus come in so many colors, and even sizes now, that you can most likely find one that coordinates with the piece you are wearing it under. If you can only get 1 color, I suggest nude. It will hide better under sheer fabrics better than white.

Padded bandeaus replace  the need for strapless bras.
“Look Ma, NO STRAPS!” Padded bandeaus replace the need to wear and uncomfortable strapless bra under strapless or skinny strapped items. 

Bandeaus use to be a boutique only item, but now even big box retailers like Walmart Have them in stock. They are affordable enough to give a try, and see if you can be freed from painful strapless bras, and tacky bra straps.

niki biki black

By far the most loved brand of seamless wear is NikiBiki. They have the long cami in the largest array of colors. These Camis allow for short tops to have length added underneath, color to pop out of the bottom, and are soft and comfy too boot! Although they retail for more than the average cheaper cami, these lovelies last. They are color fast, and do not lose shape. Available online and at boutiques, NikiBiki brand is a great investment for the fashion savvy lady. Our site carries the basic colors as well as trending seasonal colors year round. www.nuancestylehouse.com


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