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Arise Woman Becca Dawson

Becca Dawson Arise Woman

Becca Dawson Arise Woman


Becca Dawson is a beautiful force to be reckoned with. From the moment we met, I could feel the joy she had for serving others. As a hairstylist, wife, and mother she undoubtedly has had many opportunities to serve those around her. 

We first became acquainted when she and her dear friend contacted me about sponsoring and donating to Team World Vision. I was completely unaware of the need and the organization at the time, but I soon became enlightened to the great work that she and others are doing to change the world. 

World Vision was founded in 1950 in order to help impoverished people. Team World Vision is the sister organization of World Vision. 

Team World Vision is the team of runners that run marathons to fund the work of World Vision, the largest most technologically advanced organization that works to end the global water crisis. 


One of the main things that World Vision helps with is providing water to children. When children have regular, accessible water sources, they have better health, improved nutrition, and can go to school instead of spending the day fetching water.

Statistics :

  • 1/2 of the children are dying before age 5 (all preventable deaths from illness caused by dirty water.
  • Children are walking an avg of 6K (3.7mi) just to find water
  • Illnesses and searching for water cause children to miss school
  • World Vision provides sustainable clean water solutions best designed for that specific community
  • World Vision is the largest, most technologically advanced non-profit providing clean water
  • The runners run endurance races so that every step they take is one that children in need don’t have to

Becca is in her fourth year shining a light as a runner, raising funds and awareness. She learned about the vision and mission of the organization from her brother in law who ran the full Minneapolis marathon two years in a row. She was like many who cared about supporting a loved one, but did not know the dire needs of the people that he was running to support.

She fulfilled her commitment to donate (right before the race) and cheered him on.  During the race, the momentum and the purpose of the event began to hit her. She saw the emotions of the runners as they crossed the finish line and her life changed.

Becca drew upon her love for Africa--founded on her relationship with her uncle who is from Africa--while she also recalled her experience as a young girl when she had a pen pal in Africa.  Although she always had a heart for Africa and its people, she was not aware of the severity of the crisis and the need until that day of watching him and others running the race.


Becca has a great support system in place that allows her to devote the needed time to this valiant effort. I asked how her spouse and family supported her efforts, and she boldly responded, “In EVERY WAY possible. They make meals, watch the kids so others can run, they keep people upbeat and encouraged. This can be very discouraging work at times.”

It is to be expected that doing something of significance for others will cause us to make personal sacrifices. Becca said that “the time commitment is the biggest sacrifice. The challenge of completing all of the running can be a huge sacrifice. Running does not come natural to me. My first year was so hard! I was so happy to be done fundraising, rather than thinking about the fact that I ran my first half marathon.” She expressed how deeply her involvement has changed her. Sharing that it has, “Definitely helped my relationship with God. Relying more on him and others than ever before. It has certainly taken me out of my comfort zone.” Although public speaking used to be her biggest fear, she can now stand up and speak fearlessly sharing the mission and needs of these underprivileged communities in Africa.


When asked what she would say to a woman who is afraid she does not have time to volunteer or fundraise she responded, “Once you find something you are passionate about there is always time. It is a part of my life, not something I have to fit in. It’s a part of us. My whole family has embraced it.”

It can be daunting to ask others for financial support. Becca had great advice for those women who are afraid to ask for donations. “I had to start looking at it as I am not asking for money, I am asking for others to join me in changing the world. We are providing fullness of life for these communities: jobs, stability, education; it’s so much more than clean water.”

Becca has lofty goals and plans to continue her involvement with this organization and meeting the needs of the people it supports. Becca is saving her first full marathon until she’s 40. Woot!!! Going back to twin cities where it all began for her when she saw her brother in law run. 

“I am signed up until the global water crisis ends. We are hoping to end it within my lifetime. To keep growing the team and running for clean water.”


Fellow Arise Woman Rachel Pheffer has partnered with Becca to donate $5.00 of all the Fearless Cross Tanks and Fearless Cross Hoodies sold to her Team World Vision Team for the fundraising efforts for May of 2020.




If you feel led to run the race to end the global water crisis, Becca would like to invite you to join her brand new team she is captaining this year.  There is an open invitation to run the KC Half or Full marathon with her and her team in October.

  • Becca will be running Hood to Coast (a 200-mile relay race in OR from Mt. Hood to the coast in Seaside, OR) and have a goal of $20,000 in 2020
  • That will provide clean water for 400 kiddos! 
  • Looking to grow the team- info/kickoff night is June 2nd and we run the KC half or full marathon on Oct 17th They can get a free ticket to the info sesh at www.twvkc.eventbrite.com

To learn more about the organization or donate to support Becca with direct donations her fundraising link is available online at Team World Vision 


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